R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week: Lucky Daye & Raye, Eric Benét, Wolfacejoeyy, Tinashe & More (2024)

Listen to new must-hear songs from emerging R&B/hip-hop artists like Jahkoy & Flau'jae.

R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week: Lucky Daye & Raye, Eric Benét, Wolfacejoeyy, Tinashe & More (1)

The 2024 BET Awards — hosted by Academy Award-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson — provided the big news of the weekend, with some of the biggest names across R&B, hip-hop, gospel and Afrobeats descending upon Los Angeles for the ceremony.


2024 BET Awards Winners: See the CompleteList07/01/2024

Amid parodies of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Not Like Us” and countless reminders to vote in the upcoming presidential election, Tyla (best new artist and best international act) and Victoria Monét (video of the year and the BET Her Award) took home two trophies each, Megan Thee Stallion opened the show with fiery medley of tracks from her new Megan LP, and Black country stars Shaboozey and Tanner Adell made their respective BET Awards debuts.

Of course, there was also that star-studded Usher tribute — featuring Monét, Teyana Taylor, Chlöe, Tinashe, Keke Palmer, Childish Gambino, Marsha Ambrosius, Summer Walker, Latto and Coco Jones — which had the entire crowd on its feet, as did Usher’s 15-minute acceptance speech for the lifetime achievement honor.

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While the BET Awards swallowed up most of the weekend’s discourse, there were still scores of new releases across R&B and hip-hop to sift through. WithFresh Picks,Billboardaims to highlight some of the best and most interesting new sounds across R&B and hip-hop — from Lucky Daye & RAYE‘s emotional new duet to Flau’jae and Lil Wayne‘s new collaboration. Be sure to check out this week’s Fresh Picks in our Spotify playlist below.

Freshest Find: Lucky Daye feat. RAYE, “Paralyzed”

Lucky Daye and Raye are two of the most gifted singer-songwriters across contemporary pop and R&B, so their union was always going to be a winner. “Paralyzed,” a standout track from Lucky’s new Algorithm LP, is an exquisite acoustic ballad that allows both artist’s voices to take center stage. Lucky’s luscious layers of background vocals during his opening verse and chrous are an absolutley haunting color to lyrics that grapple with the anxiety that comes with living and leaving this life without your other half. By the time RAYE comes in with her swaggering rap-sung cadence, the sparse production remains mostly unchanged, with her and Lucky’s smoldering, evocative vocal chemistry becoming the song’s life force. “I’m not leaving, paralyzed/ Say love’s easy, a pair of lies/ Know you see me, terrified/ Pair with mine, come pair with mine,” Lucky croons in the final chorus.

Flau’jae & Lil Wayne, “Came Out a Beast”

The LSU college hoops star checks a dream collaboration off her bucket list when connecting with Lil Wayne for the thunderous “Came Out a Beast.” Flau’jae’s hard-hitting bars go toe-to-toe with Weezy for a competitive sparring session with one of the best to ever pick up a pen. “I’m a millionaire and I don’t got a degree,” she flexes. Wayne takes the baton and floats with ease, proving the rap alien he really is. “Screaming ‘f–k the world’ like a virgin,” Weezy spits in vintage fashion, with a simile that we’ve come accustomed to hearing for over two decades now. Flau’jae should be proud of her performance, but there’s a reason Wayne is a true one-of-one in this game.

Tinashe, “Getting No Sleep”

Just after scoring her biggest solo hit in a decade with the deliciously salacious “Nasty,” Tinashe has unveiled the next single from her forthcoming Quantum Baby LP. Less in the slinky hip-hop-inflected lane of “Nasty” and more in a drum-and-bass PinkPantheress-esque space, “Getting No Sleep” finds Tinashe continuing her quest to find someone who can “match her freak.” “All week long, keep pressure high/ Got you whipped, all quick replies,” she coos, slyly playing up the tension of time apart that ultimately gives way to passionate sleepless nights. The urgency of the D’n’B beat is the perfect complement to the “we ain’t getting no sleep” hook; lyrically and musically, Tinahse is utterly relentless, and “Getting No Sleep” triumphs because of it.

Wolfacejoeyy, “Finsta (sexy liar)”

The Staten Island native isn’t slowing down following the release of his Valentino project via Alamo Records in May. Wolfacejoeyy feels like he’s on the precipice of a breakthrough. Joey returns with “Finsta (Sexy Liar)” as part of a two-pack, which finds him meshing the worlds of sexy drill, pop-rap and infectious R&B into a woozy co*cktail. There are layers to his simple-yet-complex songwriting, with “Finsta” serving as a prime example of his talents. Someone’s “fake Instagram” is actually a glimpse into their real personality when they’re not performing for society, and only those closest to them have access to it. “I wanna know the real you, can I get your Finsta,” he cheekily asks. Our grandparents would be so proud.

Eric Benét & Tamar Braxton, “Something We Can Make Love To”

Ahead of his first album since 2016’s self-titled LP, four-time Grammy nominee Eric Benét has returned with the Tamar Braxton-assisted duet “Something We Can Make Love To.” He opens the slow jam crooning, “I don’t know if he knows what to do when you finally decide to get loose/ Those moments they come far and few/ In between/ I don’t mind If I gotta be the guy that comes to the front of your mind,” painting over Laney Stewart’s production with his heated, soulful tone. Tamar effortlessly matches Benét’s breathy delivery with a vocal performance that helps steer the song’s steady pacing, ultimately ending with cathartic vocables and riffs that pay tribute to the best slow jams of R&B days past.

Jahkoy, “Someday”

Love can be a hell of a drug. Jahkoy’s “Someday” recalls a classic ‘90s R&B vibe that many from that era wish they could bottle up and implement in today’s music landscape. The Toronto-bred singer is writing checks he might not be able to cash down the line, but knows he needs to do what he can to woo a lover. Jahkoy will do whatever it takes to keep her around even if he can’t live up to her expectations at the moment – a relatable topic for many out there. “Someday I’m gonna love you the right way/ Get you high on satisfaction/ Girl I’m really bout that action,” he croons while painting the picture of a fantasy life. Even if he doesn’t, at least it sounds good. F–k it, we ball!

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R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week: Lucky Daye & Raye, Eric Benét, Wolfacejoeyy, Tinashe & More (2024)


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