Matt Cochran Earns Back to Back Victories at Clinton County Victory (2024)

MILL HALL – Williamsport’s Matt Cochran won his second consecutive Limited Late Model feature event on Friday night at Clinton County Speedway. Micheal Petock won his first career 270 Micro Sprint feature event; AY Schilling won the Pro Stocks and Garrett Lucas won the 4 Cylinders.

Matt Adams and Joe Lusk were the front row starters for the 25 lap Limited Late Model feature event. Caution came out on the first lap, when Troy Bennett and Drew Weisser stopped on opposite ends of the speedway. Joe Lusk also went to pits with a flat tire and rejoined the rear of the field of the restart. Cody Lear of Winchester, MD took the early lead. By lap number five, Lear was leading Matt Cochran, Nick Loffredo, Jim Yoder and Dan Zechman.

Yoder passed Loffredo on lap number seven, as Andrew Yoder entered the top five. With ten laps in the books, Lear was out in front followed by Cochran, Jim Yoder, Andrew Yoder and Zechman. Cochran closed in on Lear and the two battled for postion for several laps. On lap number seventeen, Cochran made his move as the duo swapped paint as they crossed the start finish line. On lap number 22, Andrew Yoder passed Lear to take the second position. Cochran led the final laps to earn his second feature event of the season. Andrew Yoder was second followed by Lear, Jim Yoder, and Zechman. Sixth through tenth were Joe Lusk, Drew Weisser, JR Toner, Nick Loffredo, and Tyson Mowery. Heat races were won by Andrew Yoder and Lear.

Milton’s Marc Bitler and Bloomsburg’s Noah Kissinger led the field of Pro Stocks to the green flag. Kissinger took the lead from the drop of the green flag with AY Schilling and Tommy Dawson in the top three. Cory long moved into third on lap number five. On lap number seven, Long spun in turn number four to bring out the caution. Following the restart, Kissinger, Dawson, Schilling, Bitler and Larry Knight were in the top five. On lap number 13 Dawson got into Kissinger. Dawson ran the final two laps and crossed the line first; however, track official deemed his driving too aggressive and at the end of the lead lap. AY Schilling was the winner, over Marc Bitler, Rich Fye, Cory Long and Noah Kissinger. Sixth through tenth were Ronald Ergott, Jim Farley, Rodney Wagner, Tommy Dawson and Larry Knight. The win was Schilling’s 44thcareer victory. Heat races were won by Kissinger and Dawson

Lester Stabley and Dustin Roberts started on the front row of the 270 Micro Sprint feature event. Roberts led the first five laps until the red flag came out when Stabley hit the front stretch wall and rolled over. As the field came back to green, Michael Petock took the lead. Tyler Clowes moved into second place on lap number seven with Cory Stabley in third, Mac Wert and Tom Quiggle I the top five. Wert moved into the third postion on lap number 13. At the finish, Petock earned his first career victory over Clowes, Wert, Stabley and Quiggle. Sixth through tenth were Jillian Maurer, Dustin Robets, Paris Hewes, Chase Roberts and Bobby Sanso. Heat races were won by Cory Stabley and Petock.

Tim Teneyck and John Stringfellow started on the front row of the 4-Cylinder feature event. Stringfellow led the first three laps, until Terry Karichner took the lead. One lap later Zak Kline took the top postion. Kline would hold that spot until lap number eight when he went to the pits with a flat tire. Garret Lucas took the lead on lap number nine and held on to earn his second victory of the season. Dalton Lucas, Ian Whitcomb, Kevin Trimpey and Nick Snook rounded out the top five. Sixth through tenth were Alyssa Snook, Zak Kline, Matt Weaver, Terry Karichner and Tim Teneyck. Heat races were won by Kline and Weaver.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with the Nittany 40, paying $1,000 for the RaceSaver Sprints. The Pro Stocks 270 Micros and Four Cylinders are on the card. Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM. For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website

Limited Late Models1. Matt Cochran 2. Andrew Yoder 3. Cody Lear 4. Jim Yoder 5. Dan Zechman 6. Joe Lusk 7. Drew Weisser 8. JR Toner 9. Nick Loffredo 10. Tyson Mowery 11. Johnny Bouse 12. Jennifer Lesher 13. Daniel Condo 14. Troy Bennett 15. Tim Luben 16. Maddox Smith 17. Kyle Bachman 18. Matt Adams

Pro Stocks: 1. AY Schilling 2. Marc Bitler 3. Rich Fye 4. Cory Long 5. Noah Kissinger 6. Ronald Ergott 7 Jim Farley 8. Rodney Wagner 9. Tommy Dawson 10. Larry Knight 11. Nathan Stroup 12. AJ Hoffman DNS Micheal Barrett

270 Micro Sprints:1. Michael Petock 2. Tyler Clowes 3. Mac Wert 4. Cory Stabley 5. Tom Quiggle 6. Jillian Maurer 7. Dustin Roberts 8. Paris Hewes 9. Chase Roberts 10. Bobby Sanso 11. Andrew Petock 12. Caiden Forsythe 13. Blade Myers 14. Ernie Newmaster 15. Lester Stabley 16. Daniel LeFrance DNS Colton Guiher

Four Cylinders:1. Garrett Lucas 2. Dalton Lucas 3. Ian Whitcomb 4. Kevin Trimpey 5. Nick Snook 6. Alyssa Snook 7. Zak Kline 8. Matt Weaver 9. Terry Karichner 10. Tim Teneyck 11. Dylan Hoover 12. Johathan Stringfellow 13. Coty Maines 14. Brett Shirk 15. Ken Smith

Matt Cochran Earns Back to Back Victories at Clinton County Victory (2024)


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